EEEEC: Christian Baier’s Swabian Gown

EEEEC: Christian Baier’s Swabian Tourney Gown

Categories: inspiration, preparation

Having made an orange brocade Swabian gown for the CF feast last year, I was inspired to make a similar gown for wearing about on the tourney field.

I’m very fond of Roman clothing to cope with the warm summer weather at CF, but I am ever in search of late period clothing that can be worn on hot days. The Swabian gowns with the wide neck line, and shorter cut away sleeves are definitely a good solution. And the gefrens (the fringe at the back of the head) provides some useful protection from the sun. This gown was inspired by a similar coloured dress in ‘The Dance of Salome” by the Master of the Carnation, c 1490.