EEEEC: Astrid Sudreying’s Treasure Necklace

EEEEC: Astrid Sudreying’s Bead Necklace

Entered in Luxuriation and Personification

My persona Astrid Sudreying is based on a trader’s child from the late Viking period, who grows up moving. Beginning in Denmark and eventually settling in Sudrland (at the top of Scotland). I have ended up with a Welsh husband who is still figuring out much of his persona, so until he does, I guess I’ll just have to keep running the shop.

I have had the beads I first put together for between my brooches for a while and have had pieces sitting about that I have wanted to add to my strands. When I was told it’s acceptable to add your awards to them it gave me the inspiration to not lose those tiny precious items, by putting them on my beads. In keeping with my trading history, some of the beads have clearly arrived via the silk road. Especially some of the hollow metal beads, the blue eye protection beads and the third bead from the right, which was (IRL) bought in a market in Kathmandu by my father’s friend.

I have also added the top strand of beads, made by Queen Ginevra, that my lord Emrys won at the Fighter Auction Tourney. Thank you to the ladies of The Abbey for that generous donation!