Great White Southern Lands

Great White Southern Lands

(aka Antarctica where, by international treaty, all mundane territorial claims have been frozen for over 50 years).

In response to an assertion on the Lochac discussion list that the Kingdom of Trimaris “owned” Antarctica, Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen, Admiral of the Southern Seas and former Grand Councillor of the SCA, submitted the following correction and clarification:

No, Trimaris has claimed it and the BOD has declined their claim on the grounds that most of it already belonged to someone else when they made the claim. I have been through all of this before (several times) in this forum and others.

I wrote the founding paperwork for the Barony of Ynys Fawr many years ago and, because a large slab of Antarctica (properly called Ynys Rhew), is administered and addressed through the same postcode as my house we included it in our claim.

Since that time we have had Baronial members visit and further reinforce our just entitlement.

Later on Trimaris attempted to claim our land, without bothering to check if it was already owned.

The BOD, who in a lapse of institutional memory had a brain fade, gave it to them without checking their records until the next meeting when, after my application, well backed by the Crown of the West, this decision was reversed. Trimaris were informed and no longer maintain their calumny other than with the insouciant phrase “…has an occasional claim…” buried deeply on their website.

I believe that Trimaris has also had people there. We informed the BOD at the time that we would be happy to look after these people as they were in a part of our Barony. The BOD, I believe, passed this on and we heard no more. So Trimaris only thought they ‘owned’ the land for one quarter between BOD meetings.

This only relates to some of the land. My other Barony (Southron Gaard, in the Crescent Islands of eastern Lochac) laid claim to much of the rest (which is claimed and/or accessed through their lands) when they formed, and they have also had members, including their current Baron and Baroness, visit those lands. They term it the Great White Southern Land. I do not have chapter and verse on their claim, but it precedes Trimaris’. I don’t believe that they ever had the BOD fight we did, but seeing Trimaris’ claim was dismissed in entirety, they didn’t need to.

As to current ownership. The Baronies of Ynys Fawr and Southron Gaard, as the two owners of bits of Ynys Rhew recently fought a war (without affecting legal ownership) to see who would act as the protector of the land. The winner was Southron Gaard. Seeing that I am a staunch defender of the lands I was included as a trophy of war (thus my comments about my other Barony). The entirety of this transaction being recorded in a scroll signed and sealed by Their Excellencies Bartholomew and Katherine of Southron Gaard and myself.

My status (and the ownership of the lands) was reinforced by the Crown of Lochac (specifically so in my Commission) when I was made and remain

Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen
Admiral of the Southern Seas.

Text of the Accord Signed between Bartholomew and katherine, Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard, and their new Citizen Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen, Admiral of the Southern Seas, AS XLI

Be it known to all here present and future that due to the Great Deeds of Festival last, a concord has been made between Bartholomew and katherine, Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard, and Baron Hrolf Herjolfsson, once resident of the Barony of Ynys Fawr in this way, viz.:

That the aforesaid Baron Hrolf Herjolfsson from this hour forth will be counted among the faithful members of the Barony of Southron Gaard.

And further that he promises he shall not bring it about by deed, word, consent or counsel, that any person of said Barony will lose life or members or be taken captive, that he will impede their being harmed if he know of it: otherwise as quickly as he can will he tell of it to such persons as he believes will inform them.

Any counsel which the Baron or Baroness of Southron Gaard entrusts to him in person or through envoys or through letters, he will keep secret, nor will he disclose it to anyone to their harm, unless there be instructions otherwise.

He will aid to the best of his ability in holding and defending against all men the patrimony of the Barony of Southron Gaard, most particularly the highways which lead to the Great White Southern Lands.

And pay such tax as may be deemed fit.

And that the aforesaid Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard will treat with Baron Hrolf Herjolfsson in goodly fashion as befits his rank and advanced years, showing him due courtesy as they do to all persons resident within their Barony, according him all the rights and privileges pertaining thereof.

And in this way, have Bartholomew and katherine, Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard, and Baron Hrolf Herjolfsson become concordes et amici in perpetuity. And in order that this concord may be held in high regard, and accepted by all faithful people in the future, we have caused this concord to be scribed as a suitable testimony.

Bartholomew, Baron of Southron Gaard   katherine, Baroness of Southron Gaard
Baron Hrolf Herjolfsson, Admiral of the Southern Seas