EEEEC: Emrys Grenelef’s Pouch Class

EEEEC: Emrys Grenelef’s Leatherworking Class

Emrys shares his class on leatherworking in the category of education. In his words:

“I had prepared some leather for making quivers or pouches. This was for the Gildenwick event.

“Not many people attended or had interest but I did manage to guide one person through the making of a basic coin purse (no stitching).

The purse shape was traced out on soft leather using a 9inch copper plate. 
This shape was then cut out with scissors.
Marks were made about half an inch in from the edge of the leather and about an inch or in this case 2 finger widths from the previous mark, this ensured even spacing and an even number of holes.
The holes were then punched out with a leather hole punch, hammer and board.
Leather thonging was then cut to length and threaded through.
A leather tab was then marked and cut out of a thicker piece of leather and threaded on to the thonging as a way to tighten the drawstrings. 

“Basic coin purse completed by Mary with guidance.”