EEEEC: Magdalena de Narbonne’s Viking Garb

EEEEC: Magdalena de Narbonne’s Viking Garb for winter

Completed in preparation for winter, Magdalena writes about the Viking garb she made for use at Yule/winter events

“An entire outfit sewn in wool (or wool-rich at the very least!) fabrics, to keep me cozy but mobile at the midwinter Yule event. These are all very simple garments, made for a typical sca style Viking-ish look rather than being an attempt at a historically accurate ensemble. The tunic is a basic long sleeved tunic with gores in the sides, and a keyhole neckline. The trousers are a very voluminous style with Eid legs cut straight and then gathered to a waistband with a drawstring, and small bands for the cuffs to help corral said volume – the legs were each cut the full width of the fabric, so the only fabric waste from this is the little crotch-seam curves, and I could fit it all in a single handful! The cloak is simply a rectangle of wool hemmed along the cut edges. And that’s that! Simple, easy, and I just add a belt and my embroidered hood (separated entry), boots and I’m good to go 🙂 “