EEEEC: Ginevra di Serafino Visconti’s Heraldic Standards

EEEEC: Ginevra’s Heraldic Standards

An entry for collaboration.

Now that Crown is over, I can reveal that Master Richard and I collaborated to make a pair of Heraldic standards. We discussed design ideas, but mostly each designed our own, and devised our own mottos (though Richard helped with the final wording in English of mine), I then translated the mottos into Latin and determined an appropriate font, size and line breaks while Richard made a stretching frame for the fabric and full scale mock ups, then traced, outlined and painted everything for both banners before giving them to me to cut out, whip stitch around the edges to prevent fraying, and arrange a way of attaching them to the banner poles (bought from Baroness katherine, and taped in blue and white – our shared heraldic colours by me.)

(no pictures, yet)

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