EEEEC: Emrys Grenelef’s Six-board Chest

EEEEC: Emrys Grenelef’s Kubb Chest

An entry for Personification, Transformation, Imitation and Preparation is described by Emrys:

“We had some old timber lying around from a dismantled piano. The timber was a little rough but the 2 boards were over a foot in width so I decided to upgrade my Kubb box. I went with a basic six-board chest.

“I based my design on the six-board chest found:“I based my design on the six-board chest found:

I cut each board into thirds, this left me with six boards at 420mm x 350mm x 25mm.
I then cut two notches (350mm x 25mm) out each side of the two side boards, to act as a shelf for the front and back boards.
The bottom board was trimmed to 370mm x 300mm x 25mm.
I then nailed the five boards together using square copper nails.
I found some old wood stain and stained the visible cut edges of the boards.
Next I got an old sheet of brass and cut out eight reinforcing straps, this brass looked aged and I left it as such.

I then got some heavy weight leather and cut out two pieces for handles and two pieces for hinges and then dyed them with a generic dye from Mister Minit.
I cooked a small batch of rabbit skin glue and glued the leather in place.
Then I nailed all the straps, handles and hinges in place and bent over any nail tips that were protruding.
Next was laying the felt inside the chest, I bought some cheaper felt blend from spotlight but the widths that were on offer meant that I couldn’t lay one piece inside the chest and had to settle for two pieces on the inside and two pieces for the lid.
I then made another larger batch of rabbit skin glue and glued down all the felt.
Lastly I cut out two light weight pieces of leather for stays and nailed them in place to the lid and the side boards.

The chest is a little rough around the edges but serves well as a Kubb set holder and a seat.

I am looking forward to making a larger, grander chest.