Fibre Guild resumes

On Sunday 19th The Fibre guild had their first meeting after a longer than intended post Faire hiatus. The theme was show and tell, and there had been a lot of work done to show.

My personal favorites include Lady Thordis’ very soft, and delightfully varied weaving samples, Barones Eleanora’s range of spun and dyed yarns, and the books of records, and Lady Solvi’s equally fascinating record book, and wide range of endeavours

Sunday dance classes at the hall

On the 24 of April, a number of new dancers were present, so we could practice those dances that need 6 or 8 people. Accordingly, the three dances we were:  Upon a summers day, If all the world was paper, and Dance de Cleves

There are some You Tube versions of these below, for those wanting to aid their memories or follow along at home. There are always some variations in steps and the floor plan, but I think all would be helpful.
Dance de Cleves
Some minor differences probably to cope with the size of the hall.  They turn before doing the hearts and flowers and reverse direction halfway through.

If all the world was paper
There is a bit of mucking around at the beginning and the first chorus hay is done differently.
The first chorus hay starts with swapping with your partner before going
across the set.  We go across the set and then we swap with our partner.
Note their sidings are a bit more elaborate than what we do

Upon a summer’s day
It’s pretty much how we do it except for the sidings