Event Bookings

Event Bookings

Booking for Yule A.S. LVII

23rd to 26th June

A relaxing long weekend of diverse amusements and revelry, celebrating the turn of winter and the appearance of the Seven Sisters in the night sky.
There will be tournaments, war, a ball, a feast, and arts and sciences activities. These will be scheduled and paced to allow everyone to participate in any activities they want.

Raincliff Youth Camp is located an easy two hour drive from Christchurch in the valleys between Fairlie, Pleasant Point, and Geraldine.
The site is a heated, comfortable lodge and grounds away from the distractions of internet and cellphone coverage (there is a land line, cellphone coverage is about 1km up the road)
There is accommodation for 74 people over 13 spacious heated bunkrooms, and powered campsites for the most hardy of the populace.


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