Current Event Booking Form

Yule Booking Form

Enjoy a hearty feast, festive ball, war, tournament, court, archery, A&S, and plenty of other merriment under the sun and stars of a Hinterland’s winter.

If this is your first event, please contact our chatelaine at If you’re in need of feast gear, you can hire a kit for $1 per day – our chatelaine is also your contact for this.

The site opens at 3pm on Thursday the 13th of July, and closes Sunday the 16th of July at 3pm. Please note that the site needs to be cleaned up and cleared by 3pm.

The site is the Raincliff Youth Camp (1814 Spur Road, Raincliff, 7982).
Full event (including meal plan, and feast): $125
One day, and overnight stay: $25
Day visit: $15
Meal Plan per day $15
Feast $25

Please note, The soup kitchen on Thursday afternoon is free of charge.

We hope to see you there!
Your stewards, Lord Halfdan Stuhasson, and Lord Dauid de Cochrane, and respectively.