Tour d’Or Awarded A.S. LVII

  • Lord Thorbjorn Bjarnylr (For work in establishing the local Herb and Garden guild)
  • The Honorable Lord Angus de Sommerville
  • Lady Tory of Southron Gaard (For Lists)
  • Baroness Eleanora van den Bogaerde

Tour d’Or Awarded A.S. LVI

  • Ashildr Lothbrock (Services to Blue Feather, and the Rainbow community, and fostering and encouraging newcomers).
  • Zoltan (Enriching Canterbury Faire)
  • Lady Grace Thexton (Cooking the Canterbury Faire Feast)
  • Master Brian di Caffa (Exemplary Knight Marshal endeavours)
  • Lord Thomas of Southron Gaard (Archery)
  • Lady Jane Bolyn (Services to SG Council)
  • Olympia De Negropontte (Services to supporting newcomers)

Tour d’Or Awarded A.S. LV

  • Master Richard d’Allier (Services to the growth of the Barony)
  • Lady Rosanella Soranzo (Services as Chirugeon, CF plague organisation)
  • Lady Amabilia Thexton (Services to the Coronets, Services to Gildenwick)

Tour d’Or Awarded A.S. LIV

  • Lady Eryl of Gildenwick (Generosity and services to Gildenwick)
  • Lady Margaretta Haywards (Services to the stomachs of the Barony, Hire Garb)
  • THL Þorvaldr inn Suðreyski (Heavy Fighting wrangling in Gildenwick)
  • Lord Tetsu Yasuda (Encouraging A&S, Archery)
  • Lady Rosanella Soranzo (Courtesy, many acts of Service)
  • Master Brian di Caffa (Services to Custard)
  • Lady Ellen of Wyteley (Services to Custard)

Tour d’Or Awarded A.S. LIII

  • Lady Enith verch Gwilim (Dance and Music)
  • Lady Edith Winter (Courtesy, Grace and Policy work around the F.A.T.)
  • Lord Kotek Torzhokskoi (Brewing, Food, Fibre Arts)
  • Lady Adrienne Furet (Courtesy, Stewarding, services to Court)
  • Lady Gisle Akselsdatter (Fighting, Courtesy)
  • Lord Lowrens Williamson (Woodwork, Music, CF Ball, Courtesy)
  • Lady Vigdis Svínahildardóttir (Fighting, New Comers, Food, Children, Courtesy, Music)

Tour d’Or Awarded A.S. LII

  • Lady Iuliana Morosini (Music)
  • Lady Elena Sophia di Luciano dei Medici (Stewarding)
  • Lady Ellen of Whytely (Cooking)
  • Lord Osbeg (Service inc. flaming list fields, armour and general helpfulness)
  • THL James (Service inc. Mong, Reeve, Rapier and general awesomeness)
  • Lord Maximillian von Monsterburg (Stewarding and general helpfulness)
  • THL Elisabetta Foscari (Cooking)
  • Lady Fiora Vespucci (Heraldry, A&S and services to Gildenwick)

Tour d’Or Awarded A.S. LI

  • Lady Ringwar Northwood (CF, Childrens)
  • Baroness Helouys le Pous (CF esp Meals)
  • Mistress Leta von Goslar (CF, and many other services to the Barony)
  • Baroness Agnes Greye (Court Physician, Sciences)
  • Lady Melissa Wiffels (Arts, Service)
  • Lord Nathaniel d’Avrances (Arts, Service)
  • Master Brian de Caffa (Monthly tournaments)
  • Lord Bjorn Svartson (CF Site liasing and work)
  • Lady Cecily de Montgomery (Arts and Sciences, Stewarding)

Tour d’Or Awarded A.S. L

  • Lady Csepereke Fārkus (Children’s Activities)
  • Lady Agnes Greye (Arts and Sciences, Stewarding, CF meal Plan)
  • Mistress Katherina Weyssin (Dance and Music)
  • Lady Elena Sophia de Luciano de Medici (Fencing, Heay fighting, stewarding)
  • The Honorable Lady Aveline Goupil (Arts and Sciences, Stewarding)