PGC2019: Challenge Complete

The (extended) Persona Gubbins Challenge has come to a close. Final entries were accepted up until midnight on October 31st.  

Some statistics about the Challenge entries

Number of individual entrants:     9
Most popular culture of entries:    Norse
Most popular century of entries:   16th
Most popular category:                 Food and Drink
Most popular single entry:            Games box

Artisan Recognition

Every artisan who accepted the challenge and shared their work was awarded a special token at Golden flight 2020.   

A pile of red glass beads, with multicoloured glass decorations

Those who completed three projects (from at least two distinct categories) received a small period sewing kit in recognition of their endeavours.  

Contents of a small period sewing kit (felt tower with 3 fine steel needles, linen thread on a wood spool, leather thread puller, thimble, beeswax, 4 pairs of hooks and eyes, and a thread cutter) photographed in an ornate frame

 Artisans who completed five projects (again from at least two distinct categories) were given a period spice kit as an additional token.

A spice kit including sugar, salt, cinnamon, anise, a nutmeg, pepper, cloves, a small amount of poudre forte, and a small spoon.

Some of our local Southron Gaard Laurels had generously offered to award small prizes or tokens to the entry of their choice.

We hope that this challenge has inspired you to explore items of material culture related to your persona, so that you are able to ‘use’ your persona more easily at events.

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