From the Tower

From the Tower

From the Tower is the monthly newsletter for the Barony of Southron Gaard. Contact the Chronicler if you would like to contribute articles to an upcoming issue – always welcome! Content is due by the 25th of the month prior to the month of publication. May include:

  • a column from the Baron and Baroness
  • the Seneschal’s column
  • columns or notices from Officers
  • notices of events, classes and guild meetings
  • notices of other items of interest
  • articles
  • reviews of books, films and websites
  • Council minutes
  • SCA membership form

N.B. If you are seeking event information, the online Event Calendar is updated regularly, as required.

From the Tower 2022

  • From The Tower April A.S. LVI

    From The Tower April A.S. LVI


    • Important information about BA
      • Including a timetable
    • Ad for Yule at Raincliffe
    • Information on applying for funding from the Fighter Auction Tourney fund
    • A Letter of Intent
    • Ad seeking a new Chronicler

  • FTT March A.S. LVI

    From The Tower March A.S. LVI

    • Baronial and Seneschal Columns. 
    • Information on the new Webscribe
    • Information wanted on the Fleur de Gallant. 
    • Information on Baronial Anniversary
    • Save the Date notice for an upcoming event. 
    • Draft Council Minutes for March.

  • FTT February A.S. LVI

    From the Tower February A.S. LVI


  • FTT January A.S. LVI

    From the Tower January A.S. LVI