Stewarding Equipment

Stewarding Equipment

The main resource you have is the experience of people who may have done it before, particularly Baronial officers. Never be afraid to ask, whether directly or on the discussion list!

Baronial Equipment

That aside, the current list of Baronial property may found in the Inventory list (3MB Word document including photos). Contact the Quartermaster well before the event with a list of what you need and arrange a mutually convenient time to come and get them.

In addition to the above, if the Baron and Baroness will be present, you would normally expect them to bring the Thrones, kneeling cushions and other thing that make up the Baronial Presence, as well as the Baronial Pavilion and associated banners and paraphernalia — though there are plenty more banners in the inventory.

And it never hurts to ask around, whether via the email lists or directly. Many of our populace have personal banners and other items which help decorate venues or make events run more smoothly. Though they may bring them along without prompting, a clear call will increase the chances.

List of additional resources

This is a brief list of personally-held items which might be available, whether freely or for a small charge:

  • Sigurd and Eleonora’s beautiful wooden list-field
  • A 6m x 9m marquee, available from Henri of Southron Gaard for a fee to be negotiated according to your requirements, typically $100 + $50 bond for a weekend
  • A 9m x 18m marquee (the size used at CF) is available for $800 for a full week from Mt Pleasant Sea Scouts, delivered, including to Waipara if need be. In the past, Cousins Ltd has supplied the same size marquee for $1000 delivered, including GST.

If you own any useful items to add to this list, please contact the Webwright. to have it added to this list.