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The Southron Gaard Arts and Science blog is a place to collate and display the A&S works of our populace. Here you will find pictorial and written articles of people’s entries to competitions, latest projects, research notes, trials (and errors!), musings, ponderings, and accomplishments across all forms of Art and Science.

When we say all forms of A&S, we mean all forms of A&S! Woodworking, sewing, metalworking, cooking, dancing, music, jewellery-making, leatherworking, weaving, heraldry, scribal work, research of all kinds – if it’s an Art or Science, it has a place in this blog. No article too big or too small, no topic too broad or too niche, we’d love to see them all, and all can send them in.

If you would like to contribute a post, please contact the A&S Officer, who will upload it on your behalf.

Latest Post

  • A Champion Entry!

    The winning entry for the Arts and Sciences championship this year was a couple of delicious recipes from Portugal, submitted by the Honorable Lady Joana

    Picture of custard tarts displayed on medieval plates, with a medieval glass, on a red tablecloth
    Delicious Portugese custard tarts

    She has kindly allowed us to publish her documentation, which can be found here.