Known World Tapestry Tour

The AS50 Known World Tapestry Tour

March-April 2016

The first Rowany Festival, detail from Panel AS17

Celebrate 50 years of living in the Current Middle Ages and see the history of the Known World represented in 100 feet of tapestry.

The SCA celebrates its 50th year of existence, with commemorations, activities and events around the Known World, from the start of the Year of the Society, Anno Societatis 50 (May 1 2015) and running through to the end of A.S.50 on April 30 2016.

As part of this, Lochac will host the 50 panels of the Known World Tapestry at Rowany Festival (March 25-29, 2016), with the Tapestry to then travel to Southron Gaard's 20th Baronial Anniversary and Known World Tapestry Event in the Barony of Southron Gaard (April 8-10, 2016; see more information here).

Whether it’ll be your first-ever Festival or you’ve been playing since A.S.1, come along to see the Known World Tapestry and honour our heritage.

The Tapestry

Lady Jadwiga Wlodzislawska of the Middle Kingdom has been working on the Known World Tapestry for the past six years, recording the events that have shaped our Known World over five decades. Within the length of the tapestry are recorded the rise and rise of baronies, principalities and Kingdoms; the deaths of Kings; wars, festivals and faires that have brought us together.

Though we live at the edge of the world, our history is woven into this fabric in both main panels and along the edges, most notably with the Tapestry recording:

  • the first Rowany Festival
  • the Pen Gwynne war between the Principality of Lochac and the Kingdom of Caid’s Southern Reaches
  • the rise of Lochac to become a Kingdom
  • the passing of the Southern Reaches from Caid to become the Crescent Isles of the Kingdom of Lochac

So come to Rowany Festival 2016 and be inspired by our heritage here and around the Known World. After Festival, Lady Jadwiga will bring the Tapestry to the Crescent Isles, where the Barony of Southron Gaard is to host the display and associated activities over a weekend-long event.
See more on these events below.

In Panel ASXXVII (1992), the first Southern Hemisphere inter-Kingdom war was fought, between the forces of the Principality of Lochac (of the West Kingdom) and the Barony of Southron Gaard (of the Kingdom of Caid). The Pen Gwynne war was ostensibly over the right of ownership to the Great White Southern Lands (mka: Antarctica). The Barony was triumphant.
Also that year, the Purgatorio coronation in the Principality of Oertha (Alaska, US) was menaced by the eruption of Mount Spur.

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Tapestry Tour Activities in AS50

Rowany Festival: March 24-29, 2016
The Tapestry will be on show in the Great Hall throughout Festival, with guided tours to be provided by its creator Lady Jadwiga, as well as classes on the stitches used -- take your chance to commemorate Lochac’s place in the Known World with your own embroidered slip based on Tapestry elements and stitches. In addition, the Lochac Historian, Lady Ceara, will be overseeing a large display of historical material relating to the rise of the Kingdom, and the participants of the long-running AS50 Challenge will be invited to show their projects. John Longshanks will be organising the Bardic Circle, to include special songs and performances honouring Lochac's history. Learn something new about the Known World from the Tapestry timeline, or see if you can find all the answers to the Tapestry Scavenger Hunt.

Crescent Isles Show: The 20:50 Event, April 8-10, 2016
After a quick stopover in Darton (April 4-5), the Tapestry will be a centrepiece for Southron Gaard's 20th Anniversary. This is to open with an un-garbed social gathering at the Hermitage on Friday April 8th, then formally commencing with baronial championships at Sumner Old School Hall (20 Wiggins St Sumner, Christchurch) from the morning of Saturday April 9th. A Rambler's Repast that evening will recreate the locale of a country fete, where enticing foodstuffs may be gleaned from a variety of vendors as you stroll about the stands and examine the tapestry. Sunday April 10th will see a range of classes and arts and sciences displays, from AS50 Challengers to tapestry stitch workshops. Finally we throw the doors open to the public for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon -- encourage your embroiderers, fibre folk and other crafts people to come along and take a look.
More information here

News of the Tapestry Tour has already inspired a diverse range of suggested activities and celebrations, such as:

  • displays of armour: from the early days of the Freon can helm and carpet armour to the magnificently reproduced knightly armour of the high days of chivalry
  • heraldic items from all the kingdom groups, displayed in order of creation
  • early garb attempts: do you remember the notorious instructions to “take two towels and a couple of safety pins”? We’ve come a long way….
  • artwork throughout the years: from founding documents and scrolls to Festival T-shirts of yore and Canterbury Faire tokens
  • entertainments celebrating our history: stories, music, choral works

If you’d like to work on one of these or propose something different, let us know.

For International Travellers
If you've always wanted to come to Rowany Festival or travel the beautiful countries that make up the Kingdom of Lochac, now is the time to start planning! We're well-versed in assisting travellers, have friendly groups scattered throughout the green and red lands, and many people happy to provide advice on what to see and do.

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How You can Help

The transfer of the Southern Reaches from Caid to Lochac, detail from Panel ASXXXVIII.

An undertaking of this type will involve a great deal of organisation and enthusiasm. If you have both, and have an idea for how you can help – publicising the events, organising a pre-tour fund-raiser or donation, running a display, class or helping out at Festival or at the Crescent Isles event – please contact us now. (Yes, now!)

Support the fund-raising projects here:

Now is the time to start looking through those old file boxes, scanning the ancient newspaper clippings, rehearsing your "no s**t I was there" stories, remembering those magic moments when you found yourself truly living the Dream. We look forward to seeing anything you can do to demonstrate and support the rich tapestry that the Society brings to our lives.

We’d also be grateful for any donations from groups or individuals to help ensure we can make the Tour accessible to everyone. Contact us to find out how.

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Sponsors and Supporters

We’d like to thank the following groups and individuals who are supporting the Tapestry Tour. If you’d like to see your name here, contact us with your offer, and become a part of history.

Groups, Organisations and Companies

  • Rowany Festival, who are hosting the Tour at Festival 2016 (AS50)
  • The Barony of Rowany Senate, who approved funding from the Rowany Festival Fighters Auction Tourney Fund (and all those people who have contributed to the fund over the years to make this sort of thing possible), and provided display supports
  • The Barony of Southron Gaard, for providing project administration support and hosting the Crescent Isles Tapestry Show, and for approving support from the Canterbury Faire Fighter Auction
  • The Council of the Purse, who approved funding from the Stronger Kingdom Fund, adn the associated revenue officers
  • Webcentre Ltd, for website support and hosting


  • Lady Jadwiga Wlodzislawska, the tireless Known World Tapestry creator
  • Lady Albreda Aylese, the founder and coordinator of the AS50 Challenge, providing the impetus for arts and sciences projects around the Known World, including this one
  • The Honourable Lady Aveline Goupil and her assistants for managing the Dag Project and other contributions
  • Lochac Cookbook contributors and sellers who have given so freely of their knowledge, time and hawking skills to spread the word
  • Waldo, Bjorn and anyone who helped them put together the display stands

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An event like this requires enthusiastic people to run it and support it, as well as sound practices and management to make it a success. Here's who and how we are doing it. (If you’d like to offer your support – with a fund-raising event, a class or helping with the display – please let us know.)

Steward: Mistress Katherine Kerr
This project is being managed by Mistress Katherine Kerr, OP OL, who has considerable relevant experience within the SCA and mundanely, in organising successful events that run to budget (e.g. Crown events, national lecture tours etc). She will be responsible for overall project management and operations, working alongside interested parties and support projects. She has been Lochac’s Kingdom A&S Champion four times and has broad contacts throughout the Kingdom’s A&S community, stemming from 30+ years within the SCA.

Financial Comptroller: Master Bartholomew Baskin
As a former Kingdom Seneschal and SCA NZ Inc. Treasurer, Master Bartholomew Baskin, OP, has experience in developing and supporting Kingdom-wide tactical and strategic initiatives. He is well versed in keeping track of financial aspects of large-event management and is known for detailed and timely reporting.

Tapestry Creator : Lady Jadwiga Wlodzislawska
Lady Jadwiga has been in the SCA since 1997, having attended Pennsic 26 as her first event. She and her family have played as part of the Principality of Northshield and, more recently, the Barony of Carriag Ban where she is current Minister of Arts & Sciences. She has fought at Pennsic, made mead, dabbled in costuming and in recent years has been focusing on her AS50 Known World Tapestry. The latter has been with the valuable assistance of her very artistic sister Katie Vianello, who has converted oral history into visual imagery for the embroidery.

The Barony of Southron Gaard will be providing financial oversight for the tour project, and reports will be provided to the Barony, the Rowany Senate and the Kingdom.

The intent is to gift this event to the Kingdom by raising funds to cover the costs and to break even where possible. There may be some charges associated with the tour and/or its activities, such as materials costs for associated classes and the like. If there were to be any surplus once the final accounting and reporting is done, such would be donated to the Kingdom, for use by the Stronger Kingdom Fund.

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