Updated Announcement regarding COVID-19 and SCA events

From 1 June 2020, all New Zealand SCA groups can resume in person activities in line with easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Huzzah! Contact tracing documents will be required for events. Please contact our Seneschal for further information.


Below are events of interest to SCA participants in Southron Gaard, regardless of whether or not they are officially sponsored by the Barony. A number of activities are held regularly, such as fighters’ and archery practices, arts & sciences, dance practice and the seamsters.

If you are not yet involved with the SCA but would like to attend any of the listed events, we’d be happy to see you. It may help to read the notes for newcomers first. You may also choose to contact our Chatelaine for more information, or join the Southron Gaard Discussion list (SGDiscuss).

You may also be interested in our Event Sponsorship facilitation system. Details are available here, and if you have any questions, please contact the Baron & Baroness.

Winter Workshop Weekend

Coming up October 16 & 17 2021 (was previously August 14 & 15 but was rescheduled) is an exciting weekend of Workshops! This Winter Workshop Weekend is a series of practical workshops that are being planned in Christchurch with the intent to provide hands on help learning the practical skills that you need to undertake your projects and reach your goals. Check out more information online here.

Annual Events

The following events are held more or less annually:

Also see these event calendars