The Court is headed by Their Excellencies Grim of Thornby and Alexandra de Santiago the Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard. Their job is to represent the King and Queen and to act as titular heads of the Barony. Their responsibilities include fostering the arts and culture, handling foreign policy and diplomacy, encouraging and recognising the achievements of the populace, and marshalling the defenses of the Barony.

The Baronial Court

Court Members

The members of Court are appointed for a specified term by the Baron and Baroness. They are chosen on merit, based partly on their ability and willingness to undertake the onerous tasks involved, and partly on their known track record of courtesy and service. In addition, members of the Queen’s Guard, Mead Guard and Boffer Guard may be invited to join the Court when they are not engaged on Their Majesties’ business.

Position Description Name
Chamberlain   Lady Amabilia Thexton
Herald   Sir Callum Macleod
Attendants   Lady Greta of Gildenwick
Lady Margaretta Haywards
Grace Thexton
Guards   Lord Baldwin the Wanderer
Baron Þorvaldr inn Suðreyski
Jocelyn of Southron Gaard
Lady Vígdís Svínahildardóttir
Lord Þorin Þorvaldsson

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Policy and Appointments

Here are collected the key policy statements and appointments of Grim and Alexandra, Baron and Baroness Southron Gaard:

Event Sponsorship facilitation system

The Baron and Baroness will facilitate sponsorship of event fees, taking requests for and offers of sponsorship and then allowing sponsors to choose (if they wish) who they will sponsor. Full details are available here, and if you have any questions, please contact the Baron & Baroness.

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