Southron Gaard Baronial Anniversary 2019

BA 2019 is now over. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this such a great event!

Come share a weekend with the Barony, celebrate our ongoing success, our original founding, and friendship. Observe the competitions, company, and entertainments of the populace.

Date Saturday 23rd March - Sunday 24th March 2019
Location: Cracroft Guiding Centre, 151 Cashmere Road
Steward: Lady Clarel Belton -

Rates for Attendance:
ADULT Full event $30
ADULT Daytrip fee $15
ADULT Mealplan Saturday (Lunch + Repast) $25
ADULT Mealplan Sunday (Breakfast + Lunch) $12
Non members please add $2 to fee. Or renew your membership online at:

If this is your first ever SCA event, then please contact the stewards for Free attendance. (We have a number of places for this).

CHILD Full event $10
CHILD Daytrip fee $5
CHILD Mealplan Saturday (Lunch + Repast) $15
CHILD Mealplan Sunday (Breakfast + Lunch) $6

There is an additional fee for overnight camping of $5 for the Saturday Night per person (This is the direct fee from the site).

There are a strictly limited number of indoor bed spaces available without massive additional cost ($18), these will be available on a priority basis to those with the best sob stories for the Steward.



Email Clarel @
Member No (NA if not a member):
Daytrip or Whole event:
Are you staying overnight (Sob story if bunk needed):
Food, which days:
Food allergies, if any:
Ways you'd like to help make it awesome:



10 am: Site opens
11am: Opening Court
11:30am: Archery Tournament (Baronial Championship)
11:30: Arts & Sciences judging begins
1-2pm: Lunch
2pm: Boffer Tournament (Baronial Championship)
2pm: Arts & Sciences Class
4:30: Arts & Sciences judging ends
4:30pm: Custard Guild - Golden Custardeer contest
5:30: Court
6:30-8pm: Dinner
8-10pm: Dance

8am: Breakfast
10am: Rapier Tournament (Baronial Championship)
11:30am: Heavy Tourney (Baronial Championship)
1pm: Closing Court
1:30-2:30pm: Lunch
Archery Backup Slot
4pm: Site Closes

In addition to the scheduled activities, we have been informed that the Lochac Brewers Guild will be running a guild tasting, for any to share their wares, or try the productions of the guild masters.

Yours in Service,
Lord Maximilian von Monsterberg, announcing as the Baronial Social Media Coordinator on behalf of,
Lady Clarel Belton, Steward of Southron Gaard Baronial Anniversary 2019




Golden Custardeer AS 53, at Baronial Anniversary (repeat from Jan FTT)

Let it be known that at Baronial Anniversary next, the Custard Guild shall meet. Your noble and mighty challenge is to create custard from the recipe given below. The best interpretation shall receive the title of Golden Custardeer! Judging undertaken by your Guildmasters and their Excellencies.

Rules of engagement:

  • 1 Do not follow the part of the recipe referring to cheese. This is not a cheesecake competition!
  • 2 Colouring agents should be natural and plausibly medieval.
  • 3 As the source recipe has been given, no documentation is required to contest for the Golden Custardeer.
  • 4 You may use whatever guidance you wish, but if you entirely follow someone else's redaction, this should be credited.

Originality and documentation will be required if Golden Custardeer entries are also entered for the Arts and Sciences competition.

The A and S competition may not include custards - this is to be advised.

Daryalys from Ancient Cookery, an early 15th C English source

Take creme of almondes, or of cow mylke, and egges, and bete hem well tegedur and make smal coffyns, and do hit therin; and do therto sugur and gode pouders, or take gode fat chese and egges, and make hom of divers colours, grene, red or zelowe, and bake hom and serve hom forthe.

Yours in service Ellen and Brian