Contacts / Regnum

The Regnum includes the list of officers for the Barony of Southron Gaard, and other helpful personages. If you'd like to volunteer to assist any officer or you would like to take up a vacant post, please contact the Seneschal. Where a position is noted as vacant, any emails will be forwarded on to an appropriate person.

Position Holder Description
Baron and Baroness Baron Richard d'Allier & Baronessa Ginevra di Serafino Visconti Ceremonial heads of the Barony and representatives of the Crown.
Seneschal The Honorable Lady Aveline Goupil (President) In charge of the organisation of the Barony and its sub-groups. Phone: 0211 807 419
Reeve Lady Lisa (Treasurer) Handles financial matters for the group.
Tour d’Or Herald Lady Fiora Vespucci Keeps track of awards, assists with research and registration of names and devices, makes announcements at events and is master of ceremonies at courts.
Deputy Herald Lord Thorald inn Sudreyski Book deputy to the Tour d'Or Herald: assists with research and registration of names and devices.
Castellan The Honorable Lord Hadrian de Listrille. In charge of introducing new members to the society, and group demonstrations, plus hire costume for newcomers.
Chirurgeon Currently vacant.
Please email the Seneschal if you're interested.
In charge of first aid at events.
Constable Lord Raffe de Massard In charge of maintaining law & order, and lost property.
Chronicler Baroness Agnes Graye (Editor) Produces the barony's newsletter From the Tower
Quartermaster Lord Raffe de Massard Manages Baronial equipment.
Youth Officer Lord Avery Smith Plans and carrying out children’s activities at events.
Knight Marshal Master Brian di Caffa In charge of armoured combat safety and getting people authorised to fight.
Captain of Rapier Lord James of Southron Gaard Handles rapier (fencing) training and authorisations.
Lists Lady Melisande de Massard Organises fighting order and records results of tournaments.
Captain of Archers Currently vacant.
Please email the Marshal if you're interested.
Arts and Sciences Lady Cecily Montgomery Covers arts, crafts and sciences, and helps people find sources of information and teachers.
Historian Currently vacant.
Please email the Seneschal if you're interested.
Librarian Lady Jayne Bolyn Looks after Baronial Library.
Webscribe Baronessa Ginevra di Serafino Visconti In charge of maintaining baronial web site.

Council Meetings

The baronial council is held monthly, please see the events calendar for our next meeting. Meetings are open to all, both members and non-members and the minutes are reproduced in our newsletter From the Tower (FTT).
All officers, please email your monthly Council reports to two days prior to Council, thanks. That way the minutes will be produced much more quickly.

Financial Committee

The Barony has a financial committee operating according to these guidelines (22KB Word document) which were themselves created in accordance with the SCA NZ (Inc) Financial Policy (50KB PDF). The Financial Committee currently has the following members (refer above in most cases for names and contact details):

  • Baron Richard d'Allier
  • Seneschal (Aveline Goupil)
  • Reeve (Lisa of Southron Gaard)
  • Amalie von Brisache

Kingdom Contacts

The Kingdom of Lochac covers all of Australia and New Zealand and their Antarctic territories.

King and Queen:

Kingdom Seneschal:

Kingdom Regnum