Stewarding team

Canterbury Faire 2019 is now over. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this such a great event!

Listed below are the Canterbury Faire 2019 Stewarding team. These details will be updated late 2019 in preparation for CF 2020.

Position Holder
Steward Magnifica Ginevra Isabella di Serafino Visconti, Baroness of Southron Gaard
Bookings Sir Radbot von Borg
Gate Steward Mistress Aveline Goupil
Chores Co-ordinator Lady Yolande
Meal Plan Co-ordinator Baroness Agnes Greye
Constabulary and Packdown Steward The Honourable Lord Raffe de Massard
Arts and Sciences Coordinator The Honourable Lady Ydeneya de Baillencourt
Rapier Coordinator The Honourable Lord James of Southron Gaard
Heavy Tournaments and War Sir Callum Macleod and Sir Radbot von Borg
Archery Coordinator Lord Tetsu Yasuda
Ball Coordinator Lady Clarel Belton
Children's Coordinator Lady Ringwar Northwood
Shuttle/ Transport Coordinator Magnifico Richard d'Allier, Baron of Southron Gaard
Billets Coordinator Lady Jayne Boleyn
Market Coordinator Lord Ceallach Wulfhierson

Canterbury Faire 2020 will be held Saturday 18 January - Sunday 26 January. More details available later in 2019.