On Your Arrival at Canterbury Faire


The faire Gate House will be located in the Mangy Mongol and will be open for much of the setup weekend. During the week it will be open for a short period every day (TBA), but if you're arriving outside of gate hours the Day Steward will be happy to sign you in.

Entry to Site

As in previous years the Entry Gate will be open on setup and pack-up days but locked during the event so please use the Postern Gate (see site map) for exit and re-entry during the week.

PLEASE NOTE - this year the Postern gate to the car park and site will be locked for security reasons at 5pm each night during the event. The combination for the 4 digit lock is 1 6 0 0. A reminder notice will be posted at the Mangy Mongol. Please remember to lock the gate behind you.

Check in as soon as you arrive so that you can be given any necessary information, complete paperwork, make payments and be directed to your campsite or bunking area. Any site fees or money owed is to be paid on arrival.

We are required to keep an accurate record of people on site, so please check out at the gate if you are leaving the site for any length of time.

Sign-up sheets for much needed volunteers will also be at the gate house as will timetables, information about Arts & Sciences classes/workshops and a clock.

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2014 Faire Stewards: Lord Maximillian von Monsterburg and Dama Antonia di Benedetto Calvo