Canterbury Faire Saturday January 20 - Sunday 28 January 2018.
Faire Steward: Lord Maximillian von Monsterburg
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What to do at Canterbury Faire

Canterbury Faire includes a remarkably broad range of activities, we like to think that there's something for everyone. Timing and further details is available from the Schedules page.

If you wish to offer to help with anything noted here, or have ideas for other possible activities, please contact the Faire Steward.

For Children

Canterbury Faire traditionally includes classes and activities for children. Contact our children's coordinator for more information or if you would like to offer to run something.

For Newcomers

Newcomer’s Tour

Never been to Canterbury Faire before? Is this your first event ever? Come along for a tour of the camp, give you the rules and basic manners of SCA camping, point out a few personages of interest, and answer as best s/he can any questions you may have on the SCA and Canterbury Faire itself.



CF2017 Ball Plan


First Set - Travelling into Strange Lands
Black Alman
Mimed Bransles (Horses, Hermits, Shoes)
Black Nag
Lands of Lochac Galliard


Second Set - In the Service of the Great Khan
Madame Cecilia's Pavan
Saracens Bransle
Earl of Essex
Rostoboli Gioso


Third Set - Forbidden Love
Ballo del Fiore
Contentezza d'Amore
Heart's Ease
Gracca Amoroso


Fourth Set - Battle at Sea
Petit Vriens
Conto del Orco
Picking of Sticks
Fane I Would


Half-Circle Theatre

The right noble and virtuous Dramatikal Compagnie of Lord Lovel’s Men doth array upon the stage The Half-Circle Theatre, wherein shall be presented divers entertainments gathered out of the best approved players and musicians augmented with ne’er before seen interludes.

If you would like to present a song, play, poem, musical item or the like of a period or perioid nature, please contact Mistress katherine kerr of the Hermitage beforehand or at Faire.


Merchants of good standing are welcome to display their wares at Canterbury Faire. All merchants are welcome and no Faire taxes are charged for any who have goods to sell.

Should you wish to let Faire-goers know of your fine wares, we would be delighted to provide you with space in this venue to post your news and announcements. This may prove particularly advantageous for those travelling from far afield, to both whet the appetite of potential customers and, possibly, to provide a point of contact for any who wish to arrange a pre-order so you can be confident of sales.

Contact us about merchanting at Faire

Arts displayArts & Sciences

Classes & workshops

Arts & Sciences activities for Canterbury Faire include classes or workshops throughout the event. If you wish to run a workshop or class, or if there is something that you are eager to learn contact our A&S coordinator.

Arts Display

An arts & sciences display will also be held. This is not a competition, it is an opportunity to display your work, show off projects both completed and underway and enthuse and get feedback about new things you are learning. Documentation is heartily encouraged, but is not required - if possible do make time to stay with your display so that people can ask you about it.

Artisans’ quarter

Artists campIn past years we have had an active artisan's camp between the Mong, Marquee and the road. This is a great place to come and see artisans at work making things, from wood turning, to forging, to weaving.



War fighting at Canterbury Faire 2010 Locally, this is our big chance to get some war fighting in and scenarios are on most days over the course of the event. Please contact our war steward for details.


As well as war fighting there will be a number of tournaments where our fighters can demonstrate their chivalry on the field.


Contact the Rapier Steward for further details about fencing at Faire. The following have been scheduled:

  • Tuesday afternoon: cut and thrust tournament
  • Wednesday morning: wounds tournament
  • Friday afternoon: tavern brawl
  • Wednesday Afternoon: Baroness' tournament


The target archery field is on the top level behind the main kitchen and is active for much of the event. Please note that the SCA has safety requirements for archery which must be complied with. Contact the Archery steward for more information.

  • Thorfyrd's Arrow
  • Thorfyd’s Arrow

    This is the traditional Canterbury Faire archer’s duel. Two brave fighters act as targets, representing each duelling archer. Two archers compete in each round, and when an archer hits their target the opposing archer is killed. This will be fought as a double elimination tournament.

    Thorfyd’s Arrow will be presented to the winner of this event.

    Canterbury Faire AS LI will run from Saturday January 20 - Sunday 28 January 2018.
    Faire Steward: Lord Maximillian von Monsterburg

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