The Lochac Laws state that "In the case of an extended, but temporary, absence of the Baron/Baroness, he/she may request that the Crown appoint a Vicar to fulfil the duties of Baron/Baroness until their return." The role is largely ceremonial and is to ensure that there is no void in the pomp and pageantry and to ensure that the opportunity of shining the best light on the populace is still available. However, the position of Vicar is somewhat different to the role of Baron and Baroness. In essence, they are unable to wear the Southron Gaard Coronels, nor are they able to create or give out Baronial awards.

As the appointment of Vicars is not particularly common for the Kingdom of Lochac this page outlines the responsibilities and duties of the Vicar of Southron Gaard.

The responsibilities of the Vicar are to hold the lands in trust of the Crown. They may:

  • Hold Court
  • Give out cyphers or gifts (anyone can give cyphers and gifts)
  • Present prizes
  • Recognise winners of tournaments and competitions
  • Uphold the traditions of the lands - such as appointing champions based on tournaments or competitions
  • Recognise stewards of events, and other worthy members of the Barony
  • Present new Baronial officers to the populace
  • Pass on awards given by the Crown
  • Make announcements to the populace
  • Receive the Loyal toasts and receive salutes on behalf of the Crown in tournaments
  • Be responsible for the safe keeping of the Baronial Regalia (Coronels)
  • Raise an army or navy to defend the boarders of Southron Gaard from invasion
  • Sign off on treaties, invade other territories
  • Perform whatever administrative roles the Baron and Baroness would usually fulfill which includes running or participating in council meetings, acting on the financial committee, and whatever else is local custom.
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