The Court is headed by Their Excellencies the Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard. Their job is to represent the King and Queen and to act as titular heads of the Barony. Their responsibilities include fostering the arts and culture, handling foreign policy and diplomacy, encouraging and recognising the achievements of the populace, and marshalling the defenses of the Barony.

The Baronial Court

Court Members

The members of Court are appointed for a specified term by the Baron and Baroness. They are chosen on merit, based partly on their ability and willingness to undertake the onerous tasks involved, and partly on their known track record of courtesy and service. In addition, members of the Queen’s Guard, Mead Guard and Boffer Guard may be invited to join the Court when they are not engaged on Their Majesties’ business.

Position Description Name
Chief Lady in Waiting   Lady Agnes ðe Kyrri
Lady of the Wardrobe   Lady Lucia Anastasiia da Curzola
Ladies in Waiting   Mýrún Johansdottir,
Loyse de Courcy,
Lady Elena Sophia Luciano de Medici
Lady Pensioners   Lady Ginevra Isabella di Serafino Visconti,
Wiola Shishkowska,
Lady Ethelind of Darkwood Keep,
Lady Elisabetta Foscari
Capt. of the Guards   Lord Angus de Sommerville
Henxmen   THL Richard d'Alliers,
Lord Quentin Maclaren
Huntsmen   Lord Jajiradai,
Robert Dolby
Peer Advisers   Meistern Christian Baier,
Sir Tycho Julso,
Mistress Taddea di Giorgio Mellini, and
Mistress Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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Policy and Appointments

Here are collected the key policy statements and appointments of Christopher and Clare, Baron and Baroness Southron Gaard:

At Canterbury Faire XLIII

Southron Gaard has long lain at the edge of the world, at first the southern bulwark for the Kingdom of Caid, and now the eastern fortress in the Crescent Isles of the Kingdom of Lochac. In that time, we have grown to be more than just the tower that stands as our symbol. Our people have passed beyond our borders, to create bonds of friendship and amity between us and other lands.

Item: Therefore have We appointed Lady Cynethryth the Dutiful as Our Warden of the Northern Marches.

As Warden, Lady Cynethryth is charged - as in custom and tradition from time immemorial - with promoting trade, ensuring the fair levying of border taxes, maintaining the rule of law in border regions and treating with fairness and frankness on our behalf with the legitimate authorities of her near neighbours, the Canton of Cluain and the Shire of Darton.

Item: Therefore have We issued Our Captain of the Southern Coast, Lord Martuccio Lorenzo Cavalcanti de Medici, with Letters of Marque

Know ye that We have granted and given to Our well-beloved Lord Martuccio Lorenzo Cavalcanti de Medici, master of a certain vessel called the Cerberus, liberty to equip in any port of Southron Gaard, at his own charge, the aforesaid ship with as many mariners, men-at-arms, and bowmen as shall be necessary for navigation and defence at sea against Our enemies, whosoever they may be, and for subduing, capturing, and destroying the same; and liberty to set forth with the same ship, so equipped, upon the sea for the purpose aforesaid. And We will that whatsoever Martuccio, succeed in winning, gaining, and having by capture from Our enemies aforesaid, he may have and keep for his own proper use, without claim or hindrance by or from Us, or Our heirs or ministers, or the ministers of any Our heirs whatsoever. Provided always that under colour of this licence Martuccio, his mariners, men-at-arms, and bowmen aforesaid, neither do nor permit to be done any violence, hindrance, or hurt to any who are in friendship with Us.

Item: Therefore have We appointed Sir Vitale Guistiniani as Our Paladin of the Caidan Coast.

As Paladin, Sir Vitale shall be charged - as in custom and tradition from time immemorial - with promoting trade and the interchange of ideas, maintaining and strengthening the Barony's land and coastal defences, and treating with courtesy and hospitality those visiting Our fair Barony from the lands to Our East.

At Baronial Anniversary XLIII

We do hearby appoint Sir Philippe de Tournay Our Ambassador to the Court of the Kingdom of Caid.

"Unto Edward and Mora, King & Queen of the Kingdom of Caid, & the people of Caid do Christopher & Clare, Baron & Baroness Southron Gaard, in the Kingdom of Lochac, send courteous greetings.

Please accept from the hand of Sir Philippe de Tournay these Letters of Credence as Our Ambassador to Your mighty and most Cultured Kingdom. Whilst he has for too long been resident outside Our fair Barony, Sir Philippe bears Our utmost Trust & Confidence as a man of Honour & Modesty, well able to make Representation on Our behalf to Your most Esteemed Selves.

You may know better than We those Qualities which caused him to be created a Knight in Your Realm, but be assured that those Qualities were early recognised & have long been celebrated in his homeland.

We therefore entreat that You be willing to always give Sir Philippe Your ear when he approaches You with counsel concerning Our Humble Affairs. As a Small, Steadfast & Industrious land at the edge of a very large World, We may, someday, have cause to call upon Our ties with Your most Illustrious Kingdom, and, We hope You will look favourably upon such requests.

Witness on this the 28th day of March, Anno Societatis XLIII.

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