Meetings, Guilds and Other Groups

Whether formal guilds or simply a get-together of friends, one of the best ways of learning about the various arts and sciences is by making contact with others practicising in your area of interest. Southron Gaard has a variety of groups, as well as people with a broad range of interests and skills.

Arts and Sciences Workshops are held in conjunction with "Doing Medieval Stuff" evenings on the third Tuesday of each month from 7:30 pm at member's homes. Please contact the Arts and Sciences Minister for information or see the calendar.

Sewing & textiles

The Seamsters' Guild is for those interested in sewing and textile arts, and holds monthly meetings open to anyone. See the calendar for the next date and location is generally announced on the discussion list or contact the Arts and Sciences Minister.
Projects include


Southron Gaard Dance Practices are usually held in conjunction with Ordo Cygni Dance Practices are held every Monday night from February to mid-November (University term). A full range of formal dances, country and others is covered. Contact Lady Emma for more information.

Check the Events Calendar for notices of workshops, meetings, symposia or other planned activities.

The Kingdom of Lochac has a number of guilds dedicated to specific topics in the arts and sciences area. You can find out more about Lochac's Guilds here; many communicate via mailing lists to bring people together from across the Kingdom. The guilds currently include:

  • The Royal Guild of Defense (Rapier)
  • The Worshipful Company of Broiderers
  • The Bardic Guild (Music and Poetry)
  • The Cook's Guild
  • The Brewer's, Vitners' and Imbibers' Guild
  • The Woodworkers Guild
  • The Herb and Garden Guild
  • The Fibre Guild
  • The Painters and Limners Guild
  • College of Scribes
  • Guild of the Silver Roundel (Dance)
  • Tailors, Haberdashers and Mercers Guild